Monday, August 1, 2011

So beautiful

I was having such a beautiful day! I was hiking with my squeeze and my hound, Charlie, just south of Lake Tahoe. Such a beautiful day. Clean air. Few people. Saw scads of chipmunks.

Since I was a teenager I have a way of communing with nature. I, uh, mark the base of a redwood tree. I guess it makes me feel a bit more like an animal.

I left my squeeze and Charlie sitting by the lake and walked down a fire road to find just the right tree.  Just as I was shaking things out I noticed a scrap of paper partially under a rock. Here is what it said:
The tree on the right is the one I made holy

"I don't know why you (smoooshed bug) think I can help you with (I hope it's ketchup) and keep following me and (I hope to god it's mayo) and we may have to write a (more mayo) agreement to keep it that way.

But here is some advice for you. If you want to be happy learn to love life. If you want to be really happy, learn to love love."

I really thought that was beautiful and went to tell my squeeze. When she saw me she looked panicked and wanted to leave right away. Apparently there was a strange many in the cab of a pickup truck who parked near her and covered up his windows. Could be Freud...

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