Jazzuflecting Instructions

Fellow Tools of the Church™ and prospective Tools of the Church™

Now that's Jazzufaction!

Some general rules on Jazzuflecting
  • No hurting anyone or any beasts. Just not cool.
  • You may wear a mask or disguise. If you don't care who you are, I don't care who you are.
  • Absolutely no nudity, grossness, etc. Anything we deem too weird gets axed.
  • Political or religious messages are ok as long it follows the above guidelines.
  • Pictures that include interesting or tasty food are especially appreciated.
  • Jazzufaction is most assuredly attained if one is standing but one may Jazzuflect from any position, especially if it is humorous.

Are we sounding like a religion yet?

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The Act of Jazzuflecting
  • Raise one knee into the air. It looks best if you cross it in front of your other leg. Freud picks his left knee up and moves it to the left giving him a, uh, wide open look. Also not cool.
  • Make Jazz hands.
  • Look upwards.
  • Smile big!

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and we'll send you an official Tool of the Church™ certificate.

Read the Gospel entry where we learn about Jazzuflecting and Jazzufaction.

As far as we can tell this is a young Millard Fillmore Jazzuflecting at the Legend of Bigfoot, Middle of Nowhere, California