Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Most Arrogant Man in the World and his Material Wealth

Haven't we learned from the IRO that this really is the crux of religion: the arrogance of one person telling another that they know what god wants.

Probably the worst jazzuflector in history.
Look at what those religions profess. Life on earth is unimportant unless you utter the magic words.  Earth is god's kidney; god just uses our experience here to filter out the bad elements.

According to some it's to select the believers who will fight the final war with Satan after the apocalypse. So you can be a horrible person, even a politician or preacher, and after a debauched life of sin and evil you can mutter the magic intonation and be saved. Why god wants politicians in his army I can't tell you. But I can show you the picture of arrogance.

Is there anything that makes less sense than claiming that scripture written thousands of years ago in a dead language, edited and translated and changed by man over those years is the unerring word of god? Yes there is. It's listening to a creep like Ronald Weinland. Did god tell him to wear French cuffs? Salesman!

Here is a man who has declared himself a prophet and now makes his living as a guest preacher and from his books, all of which are concerned with the upcoming (snore) end of days.

So I am officially challenging this man, Ronald Weinland, to stand up for his beliefs. Coincidentally he believes the start of the Apocalypse will be on my birthday, May 27, 2012. Therefore I call on him and his followers to SEND ME ALL OF THEIR MATERIAL WEALTH* before that date. They are not going to need it and it is my birthday, after all. If they fail to do this then they really don't have faith, they are just selling books and making speeches.

I hate to plug his web site but you can see how this guy confuses reality with his own stab at glory at

NOTE FROM THE FIRST TOOL OF THE CHURCH™: Mr. Weinland, when you are ready to put up where your mouth is quacking simply write a comment in this blog and we'll get the process rolling. If you are right I am going to have a very crappy birthday and you are going to have a glorious May 27, and if I am right I'll have a swell birthday and you'll have a crappy May 27.

* Material wealth - all cash, bonds, stocks and securities, all real estate, any precious metals or jewelry. You can keep the clothes, cleaning rags, couch cushions, pets, family pictures and worn out non-stick pans. If you are serious and believe what you say, then send it my way. If not then take down your web site, tell god you are sorry and shut your trap.

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  1. Just to finish this off I never heard from this guy or any of his followers. Hopefully he and his followers will have shipped off to another galaxy by now but it's too much of a snore for me to follow up on.


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