Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh crap

I am really, really sorry I did something wrong. I was eating at Donato in Redwood City and saw the Incredibly Reverend One walk by on the other side of the street. I finished my dinner (highly recommend the green beans with guanciale) but couldn't catch him.

I saw him enter the Pacific Euro Hotel and I followed him in. I didn't want to yell out his name in a nice place (and he would never give me his cell phone number or tell me where he was staying - or even why he lived from hotel to hotel) so I kept pace behind him.

He took out his card key and opened the door and he dropped some papers as he entered. He went in to pick them up not realizing he had dropped several pages outside the door. I gathered them and was about to knock when I glanced at the first page and realized it was a story - written by him!

I read all of it and was stunned. Is this what he did for a living? Did he write stories?

It took me forever to type it up (wanted to get every character right). Here it is.

I was sitting on the floor across from his room when it opened and he ran by me. He glanced back, saw me with the papers in my hand. It was obvious to him that I had read it. He was angry and grabbed the papers from my hand, went into his room and closed the door so hard that the wood it was made out of cried for it's mommy.

After 2.74 minutes he opened the door, looked at me sitting there and gave me the look. Today the look said 'crap.'

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