Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cupertino - At the House of Falafel

Schwarma! Thank you god!
Driving around with my dog I stopped in at House of Falafel for a schwarma wrap. I love the toasty lavash thing.

I was sitting outside with my buddy and chomping when I noticed something scribbled on my wrap wrapper.  I was pretty hungry when I got the wrap and accidentally chewed some of the wrapper, but here’s what was left.

“just under the top front where it tickles but feels really good. Not too hard and go slow. Try to (piece of garlic) them a good time and if the need to (pepper sauce and I think - is that oregano?) until the cows come home, or she tells you to get lost."

Then on the other side:

“Original sin is one of the best marketing concepts a religion can have. The problem isn’t you, it’s your parents and (hummus) they way god sees it you are (is that lipstick? Oh, yuck)

I love Meditrranian Cuisine!
“ (teeth marks) the people who interpret the humanly written bible say we are born of sin (our parents doing the hamster hoe-down) so we are already dirty when we are born. I saw both of my children being born and I can tell you it is a very dirty business. I don't know how people get born again but I hope they have a lot of baby wipes handy."

So much for a yummy snack.

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